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GPServ, Inc. has been providing Surveying and Mapping professionals their expertise in positioning equipment for over 15 years. The company was founded by Dave Holt. They pride themselves on professionalism and long term customer development with an emphasis on satisfaction and retention. Dave Holt of GPServ, Inc. commissioned to create a website that reflected their passion for delivering exceptional quality for the Surveying and Mapping industries. Because their personal attention goes into every element of their customer needs, they wanted to make sure that same detail was included in their website to allow customers a simplified yet efficient experience in obtaining their needs from GPServ, Inc. Additionally, they needed an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign which ensured ethical continuity. In short their mandate was “Rebrand us and make us more effective!” We did JUST THAT!

Our Technique specializes in creating a very distinct and easily identifiable brand for each of our clients. Our objective is that when you discover that you identify and engage their message immediately – this is achieved!

To create their brand, conducted an in-depth brand analysis with the key personnel of GPServ, Inc. This invaluable discovery was then translated into our deliverables of A) Logo Re-design, B) Website re-design, C) Total company re-branding, D) Client re-engagement and E) A market leading E-Commerce platform – this is achieved! The website has been successfully designed and delivered. We designed the entire rebranding around a professional yet Emotionally Engaging delivery. In fact upon delivering the first rendition of the rebranding, Dave Holt said “You guys have hit it out the Ball Park!”

The E-Commerce Word-Press platform was used to allow a customized shopping experience to fully accentuate the wide variety of products offered by GPServ, Inc. also provided very unique and specialized coding to ensure that the shopping cart experience was smooth and very fulfilling for each and every customer.

From an SEO perspective: After thoroughly analyzing GPServ’s market and competitors, we designed the site to be ethically indexed by leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. deployed a rapid and dominating “White Hat” SEO campaign. Consequently GPServ, Inc. now dominate their market sector in their relevant regions under their most meaningful keywords!


Dave Holt and the esteemed team at GPServ, Inc. now have a market leading, Premium Branded website which now delivers in every respect – Like never before! In short order they now dominate their market and are seeing exponential and measured results!

Fulmore Chiropractic Case Study partnered with Fulmore Chiropractic of Orlando, Florida to increase their virtual footprint with the end result being:

  1. A more Professional Image and
  2. Increased Revenues – DONE!


The Client:

Fulmore Chiropractic is a complete chiropractic and holistic healthcare facility with 4 locations in Orlando Florida. Dr. Ron Fulmore Sr. and Dr. Ron Fulmore Jr. a Father and Son Team, oversee and manage all their facilities personally. They are very adept at treating patients with sports and work related injuries. They had, had innumerable unsuccessful attempts at redesigning their website along with equally unsuccessful attempts at reaching their target market! WE CHANGED THAT IN SHORT ORDER!

Our Goal:

Fulmore Chiropractic required a complete Re-branding and Website Redesign along with an affordable SEO Strategy. Additionally, they required that their social media pages be rebranded to match their new image – DONE!

Our Plan:

The team conducted a comprehensive analysis of Fulmore Chiropractic’s current website. This analysis included content and competitor analysis. Additionally, with our strength as Business Consultants, we met with the Fulmore Chiropractic staff and discussed and deployed appropriate strategies surrounding their specific needs. subsequently designed a new WordPress site with content written by our team of trained SEO copywriters along with managed website hosting and support. This allowed Fulmore Chiropractic to easily add and update content as needed. provides monthly support with website analytic reports including information on site traffic, user time on site and most viewed pages. The new site is hosted on a secure server with monthly website backups performed by also aggregated and updated local listings for ethical consistency.

The Results:

With the combination of an efficient and beautiful website design along with the optimization of multiple listings for appropriate search terms, improved rankings for multiple keywords. This has placed on the first page of Search Engines (Google) for relevant search terms in multiple verticals! The newly implemented Google tracking and analytics showed that the site generated 1,000’s of new visitors in the first few months alone. Dr. Fulmore has thanked us with referrals and additional business as a result of his overwhelming gratitude. Similar to all our clients, he has become, not only a business partner but a true Friend of the Family.

All of the above could be argued as semantics. However, when Dr. Fulmore and his team are actually seeing more clients as a result of our efforts, and provide unsolicited testimonials of same, we identify that as the bottom line and say “Job well done!”

OAI Announce Redesign of‏

OAI Unveils New Website Developments Created By Webgrids


Outdoor America Images (OAI), a leading full-service provider of printed graphics, signs, and displays announces the redesign of its website, developed by Webgrids. The main purpose of the redesign is to emphasize OAI’s broad range of abilities to better meet the needs of clients and visitors to the site. Webgrid’s design provides enhanced organization of content that also incorporates SEO, improved navigation, and an updated portfolio of OAI’s products and services.

Working together, Webgridsand OAI feel the new site design complements OAI’s brand and image. Webgridsmade OAI’s vision a reality by highlighting the company’s top values for clients and visitors. Both parties look forward to unveiling the new design and utilizing SEO practices to best meet clients’ needs online.

The site highlights OAI’s diverse collection of projects from their core markets: tradeshows and conventions, events and venues, sports facilities and properties, hardware and supplies, and advertising specialty and apparel. Webgridsstreamlined the products and services to tailor specifically to each market making navigation fresh, clean and easy to navigate. Visitors will also be able to view partnerships OAI has formed with companies such as: IMG Colleges, Tampa Sports Commission, Tampa Bay Lightning, CBS Outdoor, Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Honda Grand Prix, Metropolitan Ministries and many more. The OAI media page, which is regularly updated, will feature OAI press announcements, community involvement, and bring up-to-date industry news to visitors. These are just a few of the features for visitors to seek when observing the new design.
“I’m so proud to reveal OAI’s new website design,” said CEO & Founder Michael Garcia. “We wanted the new site to provide clients and potential customers with a positive user experience through an easy to navigate portfolio of our product and service offerings. We hope our new design will help achieve this goal.”

2014 SEO trends (Author Jason Demers)

“Is SEO dead?” It’s a common question within the online marketing world today.

If you’re an entrepreneur relying on a strong online presence to connect with customers, you’re right to pay attention. It’s undeniable that the SEO landscape is changing.

For instance, Google is taking a hardline approach. Shady link-building tactics (think Rap Genius), poor quality content and bad design are just a few of the factors causing websites to get penalized. So what’s worked for your business in the past may no longer work, and in fact, could actually hurt your business now.

Today, successful SEO strategies have to incorporate diverse components including brand building, mobile optimization, content marketing and social media integration. It’s time to adapt your strategy to address these realities. Here’s a closer look at five trends that will shape your SEO success in the year ahead.

5 SEO Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know for 2014

    Here We Go Again: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Hummingbird, Google’s Latest Update
    Read more from Jayson DeMers »
    1. Effective SEO has three pillars. A strong SEO strategy has three core components: links, content and social media. What’s become more pronounced in the last year is the relationship between these elements. Content must be laser focused on your audience’s needs and honed to drive specific profit-generating actions. Social media amplifies your reach, signaling to search engines that users find your content valuable. Links from high quality sites also reinforce that you’re a solid, trustworthy site. A virtuous cycle is starting to emerge that all begins with writing great content.

    2. The rise of content marketing moves toward digital maturity. Content marketing was the top marketing buzzword of 2013, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Brands need to become savvy about telling their own stories and creating content that resonates with audiences. As the initial fascination with content marketing wears off, marketers are now demanding more return on investment, or ROI. Content marketing is maturing, and as a result we’re better able to effectively target content, measure performance and correct course to improve results.

    3. Mobile optimization is no longer optional. With the release of Google’s Hummingbird updates, it’s getting harder for sites without a mobile strategy to rank well. This includes both a responsive design and a mobile content strategy. Realistically, it’s time to invest in this anyway from a business perspective: Half of Americans own smartphones and more than a third own tablets according to Pew Internet. Responsive design ensures that your site looks great across a range of mobile devices. A mobile content strategy targets your content to the context, needs and behaviors of mobile users. To learn more about post-Hummingbird mobile optimization, read The Key Ingredients to a Winning Mobile Content-Marketing Strategy.

    4. Building your brand is more important than building links. A strong brand is playing an increasingly important role in SEO. One tangible example is Google’s introduction and emphasis of Google Authorship, a program that connects content to your author profile with recognized authors’ content performing better in search engine results. Building your brand and thought leadership in your space are critical steps to ranking well over time. For help building and implement a branding strategy, see this collection of resources.

    5. Social media, especially Google Plus, plays an integrated role with SEO. Google is relying more than ever on human signals in the form of shares and mentions on social media to help vet sites. If you don’t have a strong social media marketing presence and a strategy that makes it easy for people to share your content, it’s time to implement one (for help with that, I recommend “How to Determine Which Social Media Network Fits Your Business.”

    Social media has matured to the point where it’s intersecting with SEO to help determine search rankings. Two easy places to start are building your Google Plus presence and ensuring that your website and blog have content sharing modules built in.

    As you’re developing your company’s SEO plan, remember that all these trends add up to two things: integration and balance. Invest in all the key areas — from writing good content, to building links and developing your social platforms — with the understanding that they mutually support each other. Customize your plan by identifying your company’s gaps and opportunity, and focus on the channels that bring you closer to your audience. Good search engines rankings will follow.

    The author is an Entrepreneur contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.

How To Grow Your Online Business With Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is one of the most significant platforms for promoting your product. The amount of visitors the site gets each day is truly phenomenal. Imagine such a huge number of visitors crawling into your ad space, there’s always a chance that you get the best ad conversion ratio for your ad clipping. Facebook advertising in recent times has been more in demand, as people are trying to hook on to Facebook advertising.

There are few reasons why you find the profits roll out for you using Facebook advertising. Firstly, Facebook is the second most trafficked site in the world. Secondly, the number of quality visitors is very high.

You would also notice normally, people spend a lot of time on the site, which makes it likely for the ad to be seen by the site visitors.

However, it’s always important to utilize the high traffic of Facebook to your advantage. There are ways through which you can certainly make your ad campaign successful and more striking. The lack of planning while putting an advert on Facebook, may give you no or little results.

Remember, an ad campaign is the most popular form of advertising, but it is also the most expensive way to get your products across the advertising platform. Therefore, it’s important that you use your campaign in a shrewd manner.

Here are the few ways that should give some insight on how to increase profits using Facebook advertising.

  • It‘s significant to understand the nature of Facebook visitors. Though, Facebook has visitors from all walks of life, yet, the site is more popular with people who love to socialize. Your ad campaign should target visitors accordingly.
  • The best way to go about an ad campaign is to test your ad campaign. You can try out different things, place various headers, and make copies with something else written on it. More importantly, it should also be noted which ad is bringing you more visitors. You can then plan out your ad campaign with the chosen ad copy.
  • The most remarkable aspect of Facebook ad campaign is the option for you to choose the ad campaign according to location, age and interest. This feature allows you to take maximum advantage from your ad campaign.
  • Once you put your ad, you can now promote your Facebook page to maximise viewer ship, and gain profits for your ads.